Thursday, September 12, 2013

The fall is slowly approaching without you know it. Autumn is the best season of the year. Everything is just that much better in Autumn. I just took two days off and went to my boyfriend's summer house at the Island. We had been working hard for quite some time and deserved a little getaway. We just couldn't wait until our Koh Samui trip in November. We spent the two days swimming, hiking, walking the dogs and catching up with life with his family. It was oozing with the atmosphere of chatter, laughter and warmth, exactly what we needed.

My boyfriend and I are not so much in the "fun party people" category. We both find spending our time outdoors appreciating the nature way more fun than dragging your drunk body on the street at 3am laughing at something you won't even remember the next day.

Many people living in the city don't take time or don't know how to appreciate the beauty of nature. But once you start doing so, you'll come to understand that the nature is actually a reflection of your inner self. Appreciation starts from within, allow the nature to help you gain insights, calm your souls and restore your inner peace. Inner stability is the key to keep oneself strong.

Hiking was exceptionally fun as we discovered a new trail that includes a small abandoned village that frankly, freaked me out a little bit, and ends up at an old ferry pier. When we arrived the pier, Mother Nature decided to surprise us as a reward. We were absolutely stunned by the beautiful sunset. For a long, long time, I cannot possibly get over it in my mind. I wish this breathtaking scene could stay longer but of course, all good things need to come to an end, and so as our little trip.

Here is a picture of the sunset on my Instagram:

The pictures today in my blog are not from our trip. We didn't take a lot of photos unfortunately, since I did not take my camera with me. Today's outfit pictures were taken at my favourite Spanish Restaurant, El Cid last week. 

This surely looks dull to you and me now.

Eyewear Karen Walker
Heels Zara


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