Bit Bit

Friday, August 2, 2013

  My son, Bit Bit, who is a 1.5 year old smooth-coat chihuahua and also happens to be a BIG food-lover like myself. Whenever I am eating, he would look at me with his big teary eyes crying and begging until he gets some food. As a result, he became slightly overweight. Well, what can I say? I am born to be a soft-hearted animal loving sucker! But of course, I've realized that this is wrong and bad for my baby. I am currently controlling his diet strictly and I am sooo happy that his weight has gone down to normal again :) In the future, I hope I can share some healthy dog food recipes and dog diet with you guys.

 I just trimmed his nails the other day. Looking neat?

He has big beautiful brown eyes, doesn't he?

 And a pair of gigantic ears! :D

He is one active and energetic doggy. But he takes his naps in the afternoon facing the sun.
That is why this mister here looks bored and sleepy.
He loves sunbathing!

 Sensitive soul.

"I iz sleepy....zZz.... Stop bothzzering me, mom."

"Sorry, my sweet heart."

*kiss on the rather round apple-liked forehead*

", why on earth do you have an Italian accent???" 

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