There Is Never An Ugly Cake

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Have you ever baked a cake and turned out giving you a big gasp on its unappealing look?
You do not necessarily have to chuck it in the bin... Hey, don't waste your food!

Here are some easy steps on HOW TO FIX YOUR CAKE DISASTER:

I made a batch of oreo cheesecake tart the other day...
but they don't exactly look like the most fancy tarts in the world :(

So I dug out my hand-mixer.

Found a box of fresh cream in my fridge.

I first whipped the cream on medium speed until it became foamy, then I added powdered sugar, went on the highest speed and had a mini party in the bowl ;)

You know the cream is done when you can put the bowl above your head without any dripping (my fav part)

Start pipping your whipped cream on your cakes! 

*You can just cut off the tip of the pipping bag if you don't have a pipping tip.

**You can use a zip-lock bag if you don't have a pipping bag. 


Easy, right? 



  1. great post!^^

  2. umm yummy I want it!

    happy friday!

  3. this reminds me of Marie Antoinette! So cute.

    1. Now speaking of Marie Antoinette, I should probably go make some macarons too! :) x